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Describe jobs, roles or tasks you need done and select compensation options that suit your business stage. You can offer products, services, equity, commission, profit share or payment for work and advice.


Connect to a community of curated, experienced and multi skilled professionals who are passionate about working with you. Meet up for an interview and find your perfect fit.


Agree on outcomes and collaborate on an initial project together before continuing to work together longer term. Start building the team your business needs to get ahead.

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A supportive community of Experts

Small Businesses and Startups can connect with Experts for active hands on support to help them take the next big step forward. Our rapidly expanding community of multi skilled and experienced professionals work across a wide range of professions and industries. They are looking for opportunities to make a difference to a Small Business or Startup with their expertise.

A few examples of areas of expertise and skills you can access through Two Square Pegs.

  • General Management & Strategy
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Legal & Finance
  • Investment & Funding

Build a team

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In order to build a successful business you will need support and expertise outside of your skill set. Build a team of people who you can work with and rely on. Connect with employees, co-founders, mentors, contractors, freelancers, investors and advisors who are interested in working with you.

  • Mentors & Advisors
  • Co-founders & Employees
  • Investors & Board Members
  • Contractors & Freelancers

"I'm so lucky to benefit from his strategic experience and high level networks. He really cares about my business and goes the extra mile." - Roshan (Startup)

"The community of experts are an amazing resource. I now understand my finances and have systems to assist me with forecasting and cash flow." - Amy (Small Business)


Connect with reliable experts who are multi skilled and passionate about collaborating with you.

It should be easy for you to source the right skills and expertise to build your business no matter what your business stage. Connect to a community of curated experts to get affordable expert know-how for strategy work, short projects or ongoing work.

Choose compensation options that work for your business stage. Negotiate compensation collaboratively with experts by offering products, services, equity, commission, profit share or payment for work and advice.

Outcomes that Experts can deliver include: cost-savings, enhanced profit, increased productivity, optimised processes, new funding avenues and much more. Get the expertise you need and move forward with your business or idea.

"I love being able to work with startups who are making a difference to international development projects." - Helen (Expert)

"It's exciting to be part of an expert community and be able share my years of experience. I now sit on the board of a number of small businesses" - John (Expert)


Discover opportunities for work that fits your life. Use your expertise to make a real impact

Find and build flexible, collaborative relationships with small businesses and startups you are passionate working with and where your expertise can make an impact.

Connect new opportunities for work, whether you are looking for a new role, a career change, recently retired or looking to balance work and family commitments. Access flexible working opportunities to fit in with your life, passions, interests and values.

Discover interesting roles, challenging projects, connect to new business networks and use your skills to make a difference to a small business or startup. Choose compensation options that suit your life. Negotiate compensation collaboratively with businesses who may offer products, services, equity, commission, profit share or payment for work and advice.

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