About us

We are a collaborative marketplace promoting diversity and flexibility in work choices in order to build successful, innovative small businesses and create jobs.

Two Square Pegs is social enterprise harnessing the sharing economy and technology through a collaborative platform.

Collaborative: We encourage people to take a more collaborative approach to working together and in doing so, create opportunities for everyone. Prosperity for our communities and society can be built through sharing resources, risks and rewards.

Work choices: We provide more job choices for businesses and experts to engage with each other. We encourage experts and businesses to work together, collaborate and build partnerships through providing different compensation options.

Flexibility: We recognise that flexible work options are valuable to both business and experts. For experts this flexibility can provide a better work life balance depending on their life stage. Whilst for businesses this flexibility allows them to be more responsive as their business evolves.

Diversity: Our platform seeks to reduce bias and encourages people to connect initially based on experience and skills - rather than through first impressions such as profile pictures for example. Our communities are filled with untapped expert resources which we can harness to build more successful and innovative businesses.

Our Mission

We connect experienced professionals looking for new challenges, with small to medium businesses who need expert assistance to help their companies grow.

We aim to increase business survival and growth.
Our platform provides more options for small businesses and start ups to get some much-needed affordable hands-on support. Small businesses and start ups can offer roles and payment options that suit their business stage.

We aim to reduce mature age unemployment and underemployment.
We recognise that many experienced professionals are frustrated by the lack of opportunity to use, update or grow their skills in the workplace. We provide a new and collaborative approach to finding sustainable work opportunities. Experts have more choices for flexible roles and compensation options that fit their life.

Our Vision

To create a diverse workplace that utilises capabilities and experience, while also helping to create successful businesses in Australia.

Our Team

Trang Du

Trang Du - CEO / Founder
Service and digital product designer