About Two Square Pegs

Two Square Pegs is a social enterprise matching experienced professional Experts to small businesses and startups to help build their capacity and knowledge. It’s about building greater economic prosperity for everyone.

The fact is that over 50 percent of small businesses and startups fail within the first year, with 90 percent of new businesses failing in the first 5 years. Small businesses are the growth engines of our economy. They create new jobs, new products and new services in Australia.

We aim to increase businesses survival and growth. For startups and small businesses, Two Square Pegs provides some much-needed affordable hands-on support. By connecting to Experts on Two Square Pegs, small cash-strapped businesses can gain access to expertise.

Small businesses can offer Experts alternative means of compensation for their time, including: equity in the business, a share of the revenue, a reference, to share their networks or an contra or in-kind exchange based on business outcomes provided by the Expert.

We aim to reduce mature age unemployment and underemployment. We recognise that many experienced professionals are frustrated by the lack of opportunity to use, update or grow their skills in the workplace. Many Experts:

  • Want to make a greater contribution in a business that needs their skills.
  • Want an opportunity to trial new skills or a new industry and,
  • Are re-entering the professional market after time off work,
  • Want more flexibility in their career but are struggling to find roles.

Two Square Pegs offers an opportunity for Experts to engage and contribute their knowledge for alternative means of compensation. We provide a new approach for Experts to: access work, be entrepreneurial by investing their time and be directly rewarded for their contribution to a business. They can also create a clear portfolio of KPI’s achieved for the work they have undertaken with businesses in order to continue to build on their careers.

Please note that roles and assignments on Two Square Pegs are for an initial three month period. This allows Experts and Businesses time to get to know each other. Businesses and Experts can then choose to continue to engage to build longer term relationships. Additionally depending on the financial situation of the business, we encourage businesses and Experts to move towards more conventional payment arrangements, once the relationship has been established.

Please contact us here to find out more.

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