Pausefest 2016

Creating the X-factor in innovation

Diversity is now the X-factor in business success. Why?
The fact is diversity in thinking is critical for a persons as well as a company's ability to innovate and adapt in such fast-changing, global and connected environment.

Diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders, and age lead to new insights, new ways of working, new solutions and new products. Diversity helps breeds innovation. And innovation breeds business success.

But how do we find diverse people to collaborate with?
How do we build build truly diverse teams? And most importantly, manage them and work in them?

This panel discussion will give you tips and help you find ways to connect with diverse perspectives for success.


Trang Du - Founder // Two Square Pegs Trang is a social entrepreneur and designer who believes in creating useful and engaging products, and is passionate about harnessing technology to help solve social issues through community based projects. Projects, which foster collaboration, encourage people to connect and build great working relationships. Trang believes that diversity and prosperity go hand in hand in business. To truly drive growth and innovation, we need to embrace business solutions that create more inclusive and flexible opportunities for people to contribute.


Baqir Khan - Manager Member Led Projects & Volunteering Program // Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
Baqir Khan manages the Member Led Projects & Volunteering Program at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) Innovation Hub. He is also an adjunct lecturer at RMIT, where he teaches Language Management in International Organisations. Baqir has conducted research in learning development, culture & information systems, sustainable sourcing, mentoring, leadership and innovation. He also has extensive experience working with local and international NGOs in the community and development sector. He speaks regularly on the issues of empowerment and program innovation.

Matthew Lambelle - CEO // Wise Employment
Matthew Lambelle is passionate about solutions that improves the lives of people, enhances the community, makes commercial sense and adds value. He is an accomplished services sector executive with a flair for leading people, business strategy, change, operations, business development, marketing and communications. With a proven ability to adapt, quickly analyse key business drivers, manage P&L’s, grow multimillion dollar revenues, develop and execute strategies that create value

Phillip Taylor - Director of Productive Aging // National Seniors Australia
Phillip Taylor has researched and written in the field of age and the labour market for 25 years. His interests include the management of labour supply, individual orientations to work and retirement, employer attitudes and practices towards older workers and international developments in public policies aimed at combating age barriers in the labour market and prolonging working life. He also a Professor of Human Resource Management at Federation University Australia as well as adjunct Professor in research at Monash University

Jan Owen - Founder // Foundation of Young Australians
Jan Owen is a a pioneer of the youth sector in Australia, Jan has dedicated most of her working life to social change and encouraging young people to give back and invest their talents in their communities and things they are passionate about. Before joining FYA, Jan was Executive Director of Social Ventures Australia, which aims to increase the impact of the Australian social sector. Prior to this, Jan has contributed to the establishment of many social change organisations in Australia and served on a wide range of Boards.

Jacinta Carboon - Director & Co-founder // Taking Care of Business and me
Jacinta Carboon and her business Taking Care of Business and me helps businesses tap into the burgeoning female economy and changing the game for women so they can thrive across all levels of an organisation.She is entrepreneurial thinker and innovator who has scanned the globe for insights into the female economy, seeking to uncover the unique and intangible attributes of women as customers, employees and contributors to productivity and the wider community. She has expertise in strategy, leadership and business development - honed during an executive career with top ASX companies spanning three decades


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Fri 12th, Feb 2016
ACMI - Federation Square, Melbourne
4.30pm - 5.30pm

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